Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dear Hanuman,

I have always believed in you and you have always been there during the good but especially the bad times when chanting the hanuman chalisa was what got me through........but forgive but these days I feel I'm losing the connection with you and it is mostly my fault .......
well I was looking for a way to convey to you that I haven't forgotten you and you are still my best friend though am not always in touch.
Ja shri ram
Your devotee

Medha Reesaul December 26, 2012

My Dearest Medha,

Your revered name makes my heart leap, Princess Saravati. Of course you are always in my heart, as Lord Ram is in mine. Our connection is instant, never less. Each time you think on me, the vibration of thought soars through the atmospheres and lands (sometimes higglety-pigglety, but landing nonetheless) on my head. The strange thing about all this is that, wearing the golden beehive crown as I do, all those thoughts cause a ringing in my ears. That being the case it is sometimes a great blessing for you not to think of me, but keep me in your heart.

Your most admiring and humble monkey, Hanuman

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