Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Hanuman,
I am an atheist. Why should I believe you?
Signed, Skeptic

Dear Skeptic,
You shouldn't should yourself. Aside from that, I suspect you already believe in me as you have taken the time to inquire. Aside from that, I suggest you eat raw fruit in the morning to relieve that sluggishness. Don't ask me how I know. I am divine.
Yours ever,
Hanuman, the Monkey God


  1. Dear Hanuman, I have a question: Over there, under FAQ, you say you "differ to your amanuensis." My editor's eye insists the word should be "defer." Or did you mean it the way it is? I have no doubt that you differ from your amanuensis, but must you make the point there, in that way?

  2. Dear Hanuman,

    I'm thinking about several things. Would you share your thoughts?

    If you are a monkey, how do you know so much about people?

    The world is such a big place. But we meet people who make it feel much smaller - in a good way.

    If paying debts is living in the past, and paying cash is living in the present, wouldn't it be great to save for living in the future?

    Thanks for your wisdom.

  3. Dear Hanuman,

    Would you share your thoughts about celebrating Jesus Christ's birth?

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Dear Hanuman,
    I have always believed in you and you have always been there during the good but especially the bad times when chanting the hanuman chalisa was what got me through........but forgive but these days I feel I'm losing the connection with you and it is mostly my fault .......
    well I was looking for a way to convey to you that I haven't forgotten you and you are still my best friend though am not always in touch.
    Ja shri ram
    Your devotee

    1. Dearest Medha, My amanuensis has posted for you as a December 26, 2012 post. So gracious of you to write, I am Hanuman, the very ONE.